Carnival of the Animals is a charming ballet that tells the story of a young girl who falls asleep and dreams her favorite stuffed animal, a lion, has come to life!   The Lion leads the young girl to his magical kingdom, where all of his animals friends live. The young girl loves to dance and is delighted when all the magical animals dance for her. There are spirited chickens pecking about, beautiful fish swimming around, adorable turtles peeking out of their shells, a kangaroo that energetically bounces to and fro and silly penguins that slip and slide all over.  The young girl wakes up realizing that just because it was a dream, doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. We are reminded that you should always believe in your dreams. The entire ballet is a gem that leaves the audience feeling enchanted and inspired.

Peter and the Wolf is a timeless classic that delights both children and adults alike.  It is a story of unexpected friendships, teamwork and bravery. This ballet serves as a great introduction for children to learn the instruments of the orchestra because each character is represented by a different instrument. The dance, narration and musical themes help to guide the story which has captured the hearts of audiences all over the world.

A spectacular performance brought to you by our youth performers. Don’t miss these enchanting ballets that are sure to warm your heart. Groups of 12 or more enjoy a 15% discount. Please click the link above for tickets.

Girl Scout troops are encouraged to attend and receive your “Dance” patch, a backstage tour, pictures with our performers and a goody bag. If your troop would like to attend, group discount applies to 12 or more, please contact our studio directly for ticket sales -